Any OG's help me date the remains?

We finally have a placeable halloween remains pile which comes with all its historic variants, meaning I’m going to create an exhibit for it for my Tower museum.

I joined in about 2018, but I just want to make sure I’m getting the datestamps for these correctly.

No brainer, 2022 will be Variant 6
I’m sure 2021 is 5, 2020 is 4, and so on, but I want to be absolutely sure I have them chronologically correct because I’m going to be putting the year on the tombstones.

Additional info would be helpful too, such as their names. “Haunted Remains” “Cursed remains” “Haunted Cursed Tortured Remains” they change each year.

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I actually still have some of the old remains so here’s some info:

2018 ( Remains of an Innocent
The remains of an innocent soul.

2019 ( Cursed Remains
Remains that are from cursed souls.

2020 ( Remains Of The Damned
The remains of a damned soul.

2021: I don’t have this one

2022 ( Doomed Remains
The remains of doomed souls.

All remains are worth 250 Units too.
I don’t know if there are any remains before 2018 but there most likely are, just check the patch notes from then or videos online.


All of the remains are still in the item manifest, so you can check the names and icons of them on SteamDB. The first 3 have a different icon than their actual appearances, but I’m pretty sure the variants for the Decorative Remains are all in chronological order.


Not sure if this is helpful or not but I have

one from 2020 in my inventory

I’d love to see this when it is finished!