Any avalanche tips?

I’ve been trying to get the bonus in avalanche. Even if I’m nearly perfect and hitting a cat with each ball, I can only get around 360 points. I know that I can grab a new ball without looking down, so I’m not losing time doing that. Is there something else that I’m missing? Also, is it just me or do the bonus lights only appear on the bottom row. That seems like a waste of a double-point bonus, IMO.


Follow this pro:


Yes, bonus lights only appear on the bottom row.

This is the way I managed to get the achievement for 500 points in a single game:

Start by knocking down all of the top row, then the one below that, then hit all the blues lit up at the bottom, top row should come back up so hit all them down and then the next row and repeat that until the time runs out.

I kept doing that method, eventually I got faster and faster and managed to get my 500 points for the achievement.

I’ve played this game before and honestly, that was almost the strategy I was following, but not 100% so that was part of it. It’s that plus speed, AND no lag. :man_facepalming: The lag was the hardest to get rid of, but once it finally left it got much easier. I found that the snowballs weren’t moving charging as fast when the lag was there, which was costing me a second or so each throw. Thanks for all the tips!

guide inaccurate as he is clearly able to hold multiple balls whilst in TU you can only hold one :frowning:

You can press E without looking towards an ball. Just immediately after you throwed your first ball press E while looking towards the cat to grab another ball. Its the fastest way.