Antlions a tad late introduction!

Hello, I am Antlion, I am a 13 year old autistic teenager, some of you might know me, I have been in the tower unite community since the game was announced, And before I start off I just want to apologize for anyone who might have been offended by me, especially to the devs, Because I feel I have been mistreating them, But I have been growing up and maturing a lot lately, and I am starting to realize that I have been kind of rude. Anyways back to the introduction, Tower unite is on of my favs, I was obsessed with Gmod Tower, I even spent pretty much all of my Christmas money to be a donor to Gmod Tower, And when the indigogo started for TU I even spent my birthday money witch I was saving, Was it a waste? HECK to the no. I love being part of the community and I want to try to be more active. I love video games, Things like Tower unite and Minecraft I always had a special part in my heart for them, I REEEEALY love sushi, like oh my gosh I would eat it every day if I could. In conclusion I love the community, I love how hard the devs work on this game, and I LOVE tower unite (and sushi).

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Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay! :raising_hand: :sushi:

Welcome to the community! :raising_hand:


Hey Antlion, welcome to the tower!

Autistic? You’re like me. I’m autistic

Hi, @Antlion, i’m PatrykPL24 but you can call me @PatrykPL24

Welcome, fellow one!

Welcome to the tower and forums Antlion. :slight_smile:

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