[Answered!] How can fishing benefit us in TU?

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So we all know recently that there was a poll about what the community wants to see in the game and that ranged from:

a confetti tank
customizable karts
cell phones
and condo lighting

and we all know, fishing won, but i still don’t understand how it would benefit us (the community) in TU, i admit there’s an ocean but i just don’t see how it would really benefit us.

This is not to stir up hate or a flame war (because this is the internet, you’d be surprised how those suddenly appear), i just want to know what’d we get from this.

– Nonesense below–
(If anyone that saw me in the twitch stream (15/08/15) and saw that i mentioned how i preferred the confetti tank, even goes along the lines of saying “ur just mad that confetti tank lost”, then think: why am i acting so calm about it? Don’t you think i’d be ranting and b****ing about how fishing won and not the confetti tank?)

I thought Fishing was the most interesting of a personally lackluster list, hence my reason to pick it. The other options didn’t interest me in the slightest.


Because fishing is fun.
You toss the line into the water, wait a bit, and then you get something.
The something you get is the real kicker.
Will you get a boring fish (well, maybe not that boring if you can keep it as a pet)?
Or will you get a really neat furniture item that someone just threw into the ocean?
What if you fish up a sunken treasure chest?

This is more of a game in itself with how much time people would end up spending enjoying themselves.

And then, there is the confetti tank. It shoots confetti. And it’s a tank. Cool, already bored of it.

Same with drones, which seemed to be the runner up to fishing. You use it once and then think, “neat.”
Toss it into the vault and never use it again. Happens way too often. I’m sure a few people would make it last, but not so sure about the majority.

Honestly, I’d rather advanced condo lighting win than confetti tanks or drones. At least that has a lasting effect on the game.


Fishing is a staple in most online multiplayer games, and anyone who as played those games, fishing has a little place in our hearts. And, that nothing else on that list seemed practical to me.

I think it boils down to personal preference. I hope they make fishing interesting. I already did enough in Animal Crossing to become kind of bored of the simple “throw hook in water and wait” style.

I would have loved to see something else win too, but I respect the interest in fishing.

Fishing has a lot of depth that can be added to it, as seen in recent threads discussing the same topic. I understand where some people are coming from saying that the whole thing sounds boring yet that’s probably because people aren’t seeing the full picture.

In order not to condensate this topic much, here’s a quick list:

  • A similar Spin-To-Win fishing system where you get various kinds of fishing based on a luck factor.
  • Different types of fishing rods that can change the probability of you catching a rarer fish.
  • Direct co-relation with the ocean expansion, as stated in stream, they will even try to make it so you can fish from the boats.
  • Direct co-relation with Cooking. It would be neat if you could use (and being the only way to obtain specific recipes) the fish you caught.
  • Being able to hand fish on walls. This would be a lovely feature.
  • Aquariums, which were also mentioned a few weeks ago.

And there’s probably a lot of other things that could be added. If fishing was really a bad choice, it wouldn’t be picked, nor would it be so popular in MMOs such as Runescape, it’s really a matter of execution. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

None of those address the mechanic of fishing though. Some people just find fishing boring.

I thought all the other options were boring too. Different strokes for different folks.


Then so be it. They’re allowed to have that opinion.

Some of you might be misunderstanding. I am not saying I am against fishing and my previous comments have said it’s fine.

I would like to see fishing be complex, specifically meaning the mechanics. Maybe different reels behave differently. Maybe fish have different patterns of behavior and some are harder to catch than others

Something that is as unique as that would be awesome.

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Overall, fishing probably was the best option after all. It wasn’t the one I wanted to see win but there’s no arguing that it will be the most beneficial to the game as far as content goes, whether you like it or not.

You’d be able to get prizes and fish. Selling the fish will get you money. Its a nice relaxing thing to do. Fishing in games is very common and its a lot of fun to do.

Confetti Cannon is just a gimmick though. It’d be fun for 5 minutes and then get boring and annoying. It adds little content and barely anyone would use it for more than an hour.


Same goes for everything else on the list. But I could see how drones could be fun.

I’m pretty anti-fishing as well. I don’t see why people like it nor do I buy their reasoning, but it’s community vote. That’s why I made the topic asking whether or not we’d actually get to see the other stuff.

Drones/cell phones made the most sense for me as the former would offer great perspectives on taking pictures or videos while the latter would fit well in a social environment (while also fulfilling the role of the drones, yet you don’t have the same perspectives). Condo lighting was also a favorite of mine since I love customization and I will be decking the hell out of my place.

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Yeah, drones could be neat for people who want to make a video with a neat cinematic look to the camera work.


This is true. Fishing is located in the part of my heart that’s black, worn down, and rotten. There has yet to be a multi-player game that makes fishing even remotely enjoyable. You just can’t re-create what fishing is in real life.

Don’t we already have condo lighting in GMT though? There is a room that has it.

We do not have what was listed on the poll, and what that was exactly I do not recall.

I don’t see how you can’t “buy their reasoning’s”

Lots of people find fishing fun. The sense of reward and its a way to pass time. If you don’t its your loss.

Cellphones wouldn’t add anything of use. People can use steam for all of the things a Cellphone was supposed to do. Condo Lighting and Kart Customization were 2 things that I thought would be neat to have. I don’t personally use Condo Lighting but I do see some Gmod Tower condos that have the lighting done in such cool ways (The room on the second floor), But i’m pretty sure they’ll have some sort of lighting tools for condos though.

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