Another one!

Hi, I’m AshGe, I played GMod Tower since 2010 (or so…)
I’m looking forward about the new Tower Unite!! :smile_cat:

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Welcome, long-time fan :smiley:

I really miss Lobby 1 :cry:

all the more reason for someone to recreate lobby 1 in Unreal and put it on Workshop as a TU map :smiley:

That’s one hell of an idea!!! I’m sure that would bring back some people too!!
Let’s pray that the creators take that in consideration :pray:

Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums. I believe the Lobby 1 thing has been considered and their consensus was it was all made up of Counter Strike and Half-Life Assets, which are models they would have to go and re-create from scratch in order to build Lobby 1 in Unreal Engine. I believe they’d rather put that effort into creating something original.

Welcome to the forums @AshGe. Enjoy your stay :smiley:

I’m sure someone will make a lobby 1 map or skin for the workshop, but only time will tell.


Welcome aboard! :ship:

About Lobby 1, I’m pretty sure there will be some maniac who will try to recreate it on Unreal if Tower Unite ends up supporting maps.