Another name for the money- Unite Units (Uu)

I thought the name for the money in TU was a little weird ( Apperntly they are called Euros with U and a N ) so I was thinking- why not call them unite units. Eh, kind of a messy thought but- you get the point.

God no, sounds kinda crappy tbh. What exactly is weird with “Units”? It’s shorter and sounds fine.
And I don’t see how Units is similiar to Euros, the only letter they have in common is the S.


Ew fuck that
Units is just fuckin fine


no its bad idea

Complete Savages.

I think Unit is perfect already. I don’t think it requires any name changes. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about that?

Utins really rolls off the tongue don’t you think?

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what the fuck


OH MY GOD! I DIDN’T KNOW THAT BUT THAT MAKES IT EVEN BETTER! :new_moon_with_face: :moneybag:


Unite Units? Lets just stick with Units…

Yeah units sound better- and my god the definition for utins.

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Unites! :smiley:

thats p hot
dude you cant just turn me on in the middle of a cancer thread

i feel like this post should be revisited. the name of the currency is fine but if we as a community could come up with something better, that’ll be greater. we should open a discussion on suggesting new names in case even the game considers changing it’s entire logo and title in the future, this isn’t a bad idea.

… why would the game change it’s entire logo and design this late into development?


can we change TU logo to someone sitting at a slot machine crying


I vote for Utins.


I dunno. Because it just wants to or feel like it lol

I don’t think it works like that… and it’s not that simple. Then you’ve got to change rights to names, etc…