Another Bed For Workshop (On Workshop!)


I made a bed model a few months ago and recently decided to try to make another one. I think it turned out well, and it’s the first model I ever got textured.

I modeled the bed after this bed.

EDIT: I made a few more models today and decided to make an imgur album for them.


this is very bed

jk it was a joke, this is pretty neat!


Hmmmm… Bed


Looks good! My only suggestion is to change the matress and smooth/round it out


kind of looks like ZAC since he is a living bed


This is good! I’d totally get it for my condo. :yum:


:slight_smile: bed :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Wow, I have literally that exact cat tree. I’d love to put that in my condo.


Since I can’t edit the post anymore, I’ll just put this here:

I smoothed out the mattress and added a blanket.


is this bed for pineapples because damn that looks short


It’s a twin facing sideways. Look at the reference pic in the OP


Oh man am I happy to see the finished product! It’s so cool that you’re taking up modelling for workshop and I love the bed you’ve made! Really hope to see more and more cool stuff from you later down the line :smile:

and if I might add: have you tried messing with the Ambient Occlusion/Environmental Lighting options in the world settings? They’ll easily light up the entire scene for future renders to avoid some of super dark renders you posted (unless they’re intentional?!).


Thanks! I wasn’t sure if I could brighten up renders, so thanks for the tip!

It’s on the workshop now!


Aww yessss!