Annoy people


Im starting to question why i even did this, also
I lik fmidget spinns thy so frikkin col, i especilly lik minshrek miniojjis underpokego editon, noobs ho don lik em ar meani cyberbulis lik tat guy wit no cin

*sarcastic tone


I like this thing you hate and not really like this thing you love.


Shrek song is my favorite song! Hey now, you’re an all star!


if you even knew that can driver someone crasy and make them anomalist the most is badly grammy and spelllimg.


PUBG or Fortnite?


Do you know da wae to san jose?


haha the text is big so it is distracting you from other posts haha im big text wall hee hoo hello there welcome greetings salutations sup whats up


Why is this working?


@Agent2583 *bump

bumps are damn annoying


It’s only when you bump beyond 1 month when it gets annoying. I’m not annoyed.
But as long as you’re contributing it’s fine.


Banned for not Anno…shit wrong game again



do u kno de wae my broddas


reviving this dead game.
If that wasn’t enough:


watch this entire video without being disgusted:


r/4chan exists


You will never know what this image shows.


It’s the hula doll from garrys mod without hair xd


no thats a red thumb head girl


Poke poke poke poke poke poke


Hey Guys So I Like This Game Called Super Man 64 And Like I Think Its Really Cool