Animated Textures for Workshop Uploads

Couldn’t find this planned anywhere on trello for workshop improvements, so figured I’d make a suggestion post and see what people think. My suggestion is adding an option to make an applied material animated, the animation would have different types so there is greater variety as to what the uploader wants.

Sheet animations are like what we have now for canvases, you can define the amount of tiles your animation sheet has, and the speed at which it should play. Very useful for those wanting to add animated details to their models.

Scroll animations are in the name, it lets you define a direction at which it will repeatedly scroll the texture as well as the speed. Handy for simple repeating materials or materials that change colour and looks smoother than sheet animating, less costly overall for the size of the material too.

Sheet Random is like Sheet but will choose a random tile at the speed chosen. This is useful for workshop playermodels that want blinking eyes, as you could have one tile be the blink and the rest be open, leaving it to chance how often the character blinks by how many open eyed tiles there are.

Glow would allow the player to have the emission of the material change dynamically based on what type they choose. Pulse for instance would slowly increase and decrease the emission from max to minimum, there could be many other defined types similar to light types. Changing emissive at all would change the minimum of glow it can go return to.

Transparency is similar to glow where it’ll increase and decrease the amount of transparency based on what type, like pulse. Requires translucent to be chosen for it to work at all.