Animated actions

It would be cool (Not straight away but some point in the future) to have animated actions like opening doors or some other actions.
This GIF from Subnautica inspired me to write this suggestion:

It would be nice to see but I have also seen how much of a pain animating can be (that’s why I said “not now”) but it makes the game much more immersive.


This seems like a good idea. I loved how the old condos worked where nothing was split up, and you could just walk in and out of anybody’s place at your own leisure. Seeing players walk in and out with an animation like this while being able to see what’s inside the condo would be pretty cool, would definitely make the map feel more connected like the old lobby.

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Yusssssss Please!

no way jose :grin:

I agree completely! This would be great for the immersion and overall quality of the game. While not necessary everywhere, actions liking opening doors could use this (and, honestly, the animations would be reused, so less work is required).

I love this kind of stuff and wish more games would do it so I don’t always feel so… floating hands-y.

Would be a great addition to TU

Those animations are really cool, but we’d have to disable them while in VR because any force head movement will instantly cause motion sickness.


That’s understandable.

@macdguy You could keep it, but just not move the head, and only put the arm animation

You mean like avakin life?
they have that does cause motion sickness that down side of animated action.

@macdguy I Do Agree With The Motion Sickness With The Door Animations When Opening And Closing if U Move The Head In The Animation, But Also It Would Be Berry Cool To Have A Door Animation As well But I Think Because Of The VR Head Tracking/Vision Would Be Very Hard On People That Have Very Week Stomachs. :smiley: