Angeloisaparty - Introduction


Hello Friends,

My name is Angeloisaparty, and used to frequent Gmod Tower until it was shut down sometime in April of 2016. Although I was a bit sad of the closing of one of my favorite servers in all of Gmod, I had high hopes for the new game they were developing called Tower Unite. Now I’m here introducing myself to the wonderful community of Tower Unite, and am happy to say that I’m really enjoying the game. I’m still somewhat new to the game, only clocking in 28 hours on it, but never the less I’m having a blast. I’m so delighted to hear that they’re also bring back a few games from Gmod Tower, and even coming up with new ones.

Thing You May Want To Know About Me

  • Avid League Of Legends player

  • Been using steam since July 27, 2013

  • Have a dog named Burrito

  • Dying in highschool

  • Enjoy all game genres

Welp nothing really left to say but that I’m happy to be apart of such a great and growing community, and hey I may also make a few friends along the way!

Cheers Mates,



Welcome! Enjoy Your stay!


Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!


Welcome ! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the tower!


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