Analog Steering

I like that we have controller support, but is there anyway to allow true analog support? As it is now, the analog stick only functions like a d-pad (on/off) making some drifts difficult to gauge.

this would likely discriminate average players unless there was a feature they could also benefit from. for example, allowing you to control steering through mice.


I’m confused, controller stick doesn’t function as a d-pad (on/off), it’s full range as a controller stick should be.

Not for me. I’m using wireless XB1 controller via official xbox wireless adapter and noticed almost right away. Don’t have that issue with any other driving game. I’m not at home to specify, but I believe there was a decent amount of deadzone before it registered and was just full tilt left or right.

I also am not feeling the analog input when using a Switch Pro controller with the “Gamepad” config in Steam controller settings. I do in places like the Plaza, but not in Accelerate.


Interesting. I have not tried my XB1 anywhere other than Accelerate. I’ll have to test that.

I can confirm that the controller steering also feels digital on a PS4 controller with DS4Windows


It feels analog on an Xbox One controller. I’m not launching from Big Picture and haven’t set any controller preferences for the game either in Big Picture or ingame.

Huh, I was completely oblivious to this. I am using an Xbox One controller, but the steering is indeed digital for me. One observation I made is that only when the analog is extended to a far side, then the wheels and the steering wheel on the kart will visually turn, while digital steering of the movement already happens when the stick leaves the dead zone. I suppose this visual cue of the wheels turning gave me the impression of analog control all this time…


I can see how that was overlooked. I mean it’s not unplayable, but would definitely be more enjoyable if that can be adjusted.