An Toyota AE86 Trueno kart

With the new Accelerate game coming out. I think it would be nice to add this car as a kart. Because, you know, Funny.

I would love to cosplay as a suspiciously familiar tofu delivery driver.

You could always do what Steven Universe did with their parody/homage to it by making a car that just looks eerily similar. I’d love a nod like this, that cars pretty iconic

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I don’t see why a parody wouldn’t be possible. That’s kind of what the taxi is to the Ford Crown Victoria.

What I’m really curious how these realistic style cars run on the same course as the go carts? Are they just big in comparison? Are they scaled down? Are they going to have a big hole cut in the roof where your playermodel sits and uses a centered steering wheel, Mario Kart style?

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I forgot about this. This was amazing. Can Mercedes do a sponsorship deal with TU?

This would really be amazing :grin:

Workshop karts would be pretty neat, lemme whip out the good ol honda civic :sunglasses: