An option to disable achievement & EXP sounds.

Hello, I’m fairly new to Tower Unite and I’m loving it so far. It feels very polished, for the most part.
My only suggestion would be to add an option to disable or change the achievement sound, and also an option to disable the EXP sound (provided these don’t already exist, otherwise I’m clearly blind.)

It gets a bit old hearing “Sunshine Day!” whenever someone gets an achievement. There are over 300 of them, so… I hear it a lot. Like I said, an option to disable it or perhaps having an option to change it to a simple ding would be nice. Edit: It also just scared the shit out of my in my quiet condo, lol.

The EXP(?) sound also goes on for a bit too long, in my opinion. I don’t mind it, but sometimes that sound just goes on for… like 20 seconds straight.

But otherwise, I’m loving the game so far. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Being a veteran of TU, hearing this sound of getting an achievement is a fun addition. A veteran of GMT would see it as nostalgic. A newer player could see it as repetitive.

This is an absolutely valid complaint, it’s just so interesting to see how different a sound bite can come off as.

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