An introduction or something


Hey, Lani here! I guess I’m supposed to do an introduction or something so here goes.
I’ve been playing the tower series for a few years now, starting back near the end of lobby one, yeah, I was shamefully late to the party. But when i found out about
Tower and started playing it, I couldn’t put it down, It was so fun! I ended up donating to GMT to keep the servers going! My favorite gameworld would have to be
Ultimate Chimera Hunt/Little Crusaders, 2nd favorite would probably be Virus. Video games are a passion of mine but i’ve been looking into drawing aswell.
Incase your not aware, I’m working on recreating lobby one from GMT in the Resort condo, you should check it out! Alright, I think that about
wraps it up, well goodbye!


since no one else is here yet i shall be the first

Hehehe hi yeah nice



Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!



whalecum traveler


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