An “internet”

Basically a fake version/parody of the internet for TU,
It would be acsessed from the computers in the condos (maybe even the plaza) But instead of just a parody for sh#ts and giggles it would have functional sites like a gambling website (that has both standard gambling and a spin to win items kind of gambling) a parody of ebay and the dark net (which sells illegal stuffs)

the casino is basically the only real big social area in tu at this moment (i believe). thus cutting out the middleman through making a gambling website accessable from your condo might not be the best idea.

for the ebay parody, i could get behind it if it included furnature being sold at lower prices (in limitied amounts, with listings that changed every ten minutes or so).

dark net… how ‘illegal’ are we talking? on a range from body pillows to questionable plants?

Okay one, it would not be a copy paste of the casino, it would be a diffrent brand, have its own currency and something to both encourage and discourage people from using it (for balancing)

Two throw in some exclusive items i guess

Three illegal anime, “plants, guns, hacking equipment and questionable hardrives

i’m sorry this a christian game.

i hope i’m not coming off rude, but with this ‘different brand’ online casino- what’s the point? the current casino we have was apparently quite a bit of work to make, and the arcade is going to be along similar lines.

personally, i like the idea of more ‘cool features’ to add more personality to the game (something we already have boatloads of). but looking at this from a cost/reward mindset, it doesn’t really look like it’s worth the trouble.

anyway, just my two cents and then some.

ok so the online casino is either a no go or a maybe which im fine with but what i would like to see is the ebay and dark net, the ebay parody would “generate a set amount of items (some exclusive) for example 30 items and when it sold out it will “regenerate” once in a while, the dark net would just sell exclusive items, also both site’s items would not just appear on your inventory, it arrives on a box inside your condo

So basically make a parody of the internet from GTA V?
Depends on how it’s done. Either it’s cool or it’s not even worth looking at.

Yep that, its both humorous (parodying google, ebay and the darknet) and functional (you can buy stuffs (some exclusive to either the ebay or darknet parody) from it)