An Escalating Experience


What happens if you try to walk down it?


You get your foot stuck and die in a gory cloud of blood.


Oh god, now I’m thinking to that escalator incident in China where a mother fell through an unsecured plate and got sucked under the escalators.
Apparently, when they went to get her remains, it was like a meat grinder spit out a pile of flesh.
Don’t fuck with escalators.


They’re just like “Delta-P” situations: “When it’s got ya, it’s gotcha”


“Don’t add your name…to this list.”

Proceeds to show you list with no names on it whatsoever.


Dies in Delta-P incident

“August 10th 2015”
“1 Fatality”
“Male, Age 25”

“Today we mourn the loss of Mr. Male Age 25, he was a great diver and we’ll all miss him dearly.”

“Hey Male Age 29, come over here and see if you can’t fix the drain Male 25 was working on.”


I absolutely love this. But where besides the entrance area would this be used?




It would kind of break the aesthetic though.


They say that on rainy nights, an escalator appears in the middle of the plaza and allows you to climb up to heaven.