Amusement Park MIni Golf Course

I want to suggest the creation of an amusement park themed mini golf course. The overall theme is that each hole would represent an activity that is found at an amusement park.

My initial ideas:

A water slide with some ‘Y’ for people to putt their ball to reach the end through different paths.

A tower type hole: There would be 6 holes at the top for you to putt your ball into. One hole would give you a ‘hole in 1’. The remaining 5 would take you down to the other levels down the tower. Then on the next level down there would be 5 holes to putt your ball into where 1 causes you to score and the remaining 4 levels of the tower. Then to make it fun cause some or all of the levels to spin so you don’t know if you will reach the bottom of.

A pendulum ride: The goal would be to putt your ball into the hole at the other end. But make it so the course tilted back and forth: If you don’t putt within a few seconds then your ball falls into an “L” shape on the sides.

A hall of mirrors: Where the perception of your ball is distorted making it a challenge to know where you are aiming for when you putt.

Hot Air Balloon Ride: Where you putt to reach a hot air ball launching pad, putt a second time to enter a hot air balloon, go for a 20 second ride, land and then putt with skill to score or twice for a part 4 hole.

A Ferris Wheel: Where you putt to ride the Ferris wheel, if your ball lands on the right basket you score a hole in one, otherwise your ball leaves the Ferris wheel after 1 rotation and you putt to finish off hole.

Bumper Boats Themed: The goal is to cross the body of water. All the bumper boats move around and occasionally touch together. Putts would need to be timed for when the boats are temporarily touching each other.

A Carousel Ride: The carousel divides the hole in 2. Then to putt to get on the carousel. Then you have to putt to exit it. The catch is that if you exit the wrong spot then you either have to putt your way around or go back onto the carousel for another try.

A Fireball Hole: Where you have to putt your ball through the fire or you go out of bounds.

A Hurricane Hole: The ball would be putt into a strong wind. The wind would then cause the golf ball to go towards the far end where you score by putting the golf ball into the hole. As with hurricanes there is a relatively calm center. The center could be a ‘hole in 1’ option.

Raft Water Ride: Where a raft contains the hole but keeps moving around. As with the bumper boats you have to time your shots ride to go from raft to raft to reach the hole in 1. In other words a little bit of planning ahead to figure out where the raft would be.

Great Idea!

Another thing would be to increase the Max Power, on many holes it would reduce the minimum strokes
About +50% to the max would be great