Am I just crazy or have the Disco Ball and Rave Ball not been added yet?

Never bothered to look for them until now. The Nightclub has made me miss them from GMT but I took a look around the shops and didnt see them. Could’ve sworn a remember seeing them. Weird.

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They’re on the item spreadsheet (which is probably where you saw them), but not actually in the game yet.


There’s a Disco Ball and Modern Disco Ball in the Arcade Prize Corner… but they’re separate from the original ones on the Spreadsheet. Does anyone know what the difference between them is?

Im guessing you’re thinking of the disco ball pet that was available back in GMT since that was the last time it was available.
The closest disco ball item we have in terms of looks is the bubble light from central circuit.

Or you could even be confusing it with the disco duck which is very real and is boogieing all night.

Based on what little i remember of the arcade prizes it’s probably just two different looks, either that or one of them is a pet while the other is a working furniture piece

Looking into it, the two original balls in the files were Media items and played music while the Arcade items are just decorative.

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Yep. You right. Thats definitely what I was thinking of.