Always visible IO gates and few other small IO items

Why not rediscover the sensation of seeing GMod’s very popular addon : Wiremod
By leaving the gates and the few other small elements of the IO system visible to everyone?

For example add an option on each small IO items and gates “Always visible to everyone” (without having the building/IO permissions) also without having to hold the inventory key.

When we see everything we can say to ourselves “so that’s how it’s connected and how it works? This is impressive!”

Might be a visually cool idea, thoughts?

If it wouldn’t always be on by default and one could turn it off, sure. But, you know, some people like to keep their… Secrets… So to say :slight_smile:

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Yeah I just think that it should be off by default and if we want to reveal a specific gate, like a relay, a random gate ect… just check its setting to visibility ON.

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I think this would great for the condo builder themselves.
Would speed up the process for them.