Always Dawn and Always Dusk daytime options

Since we have Always Day and Always Night, I think it’d be neat if there were Always Dawn and Always Dusk options (mostly because dawn and dusk are very pretty)

You can disable the cycle, and then set the day/night slider to something appropriate for dawn or dusk, but I think it is broken for the clients.

EDIT: I just noticed you meant preset buttons alike day and night.

EDIT 2: Alright, I read it wrong once again. You meant settings, not condos, I just woke up so I can’t read right now, but now I know what you meant. Giving it a vote!

I am mostly referring to the Plaza here.

I feel like we might as well make a slider for a time of day, and have a button for selecting either the animated cycle or a static time of day based on the slider. Because why not?


I did actually consider just suggesting a slider instead of 5 buttons, since that is basically the logical conclusion of a suggestion like this.