Alternative Skill Sets for Every Class

I thought of one action skill and one combo skill for each class, hopefully bringing some more variety to the mode. This was originally intended for the upgrades, but since those are cosmetic only I’m listing them here.

The skills are interchangeable with original ones, and you would be able to do so in the pre-wave menu on a seperate tab.


Item: Mr. Paperboy (Doctor Action Skill)
Description: Always joyful and positive, or your money back!
(A flying drone. Can only heal 1 person at a time, but will fly towards injured players)

Item: Empowering Beam (Doctor Combo Skill)
Description: It’s time to practice medicine.
(Doctor and nearby players become invincible and heal for a few seconds)


Item: Ion Cannon (Mercenary Action Skill)
Description: With orbital cannons like these, who needs guns?
(Fires a continuous beam that slowly tracks zombies in a larger radius.)

Item: Dancing Magnums (Mercenary Combo Skill)
Description: Become a ring of terror and elegance.
(Spin and fires wildly for a few seconds, auto-aiming at enemies in a medium radius)


Item: Battery Trap (Electrician Action Skill)
Description: A bit of exposed cable here, a car battery there, and SHAZAM!
(Small radius trap that damages zombies and stuns for a few seconds. Charges rapidly and can place up to 3 on the map)

Item: Undead Express (Electrician Combo Skill)
Description: Rigging this bus reminds you of school trips to the countryside.
(Sends forward a school bus that rams zombies, then explodes in a large radius against walls)


Item: High-speed Camera (Journalist Action Skill)
Description: Watch the guts flying in slow motion!
(Slows zombies in a very large radius)

Item: Underground Radio (Journalist Combo Skill)
Description: Spread the word of survival with this pocket device.
(All players move faster and receive a damage bonus while active)


Item: Stockpile (Survivor Action Skill)
Description: Three cheers for universal ammunition!
(Players in radius regenerate ammo)

Item: Rainy Day Package (Survivor Combo Skill)
Description: I saved it for a good day!
(Send down a package crashing into zombies, revealing a special machine gun to use)


Item: Particle Accelerator (Scientist Action Skill)
Description: A crazy contraption for crazy times.
(Similar to the Electrician turret, but fires slowly and penetrates all zombies)

Item: Field Experiment Kit (Scientist Combo Skill)
Description: It’s research, Jim, but not as we know it…
(One of the following random effects for 10 seconds: infinite ammo, spawn weapons, zombies randomly explode, zombies slow significantly, invincibility)

Which of these classes’ ideas do you like the most overall?

  • Doctor
  • Electrician
  • Journalist
  • Mercenary
  • Survivor
  • Scientist

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If you liked the ideas, make sure to drop a vote on the page so more people can see it! I’d also love to hear your comments and discuss how the skills could work!

Field Experiment Kit reminds me a lot of the Quantum Entanglement Device from Black Ops Moon