Alternative Engine Sounds

Simply put, give the option to change what your engine sounds like. Especially nice if you’re using a workshop model. For example, I like to use the Oppressor MK2 model from the workshop. The vehicle clearly has a turbine as an engine, but still sounds like a normal kart. The option to change the sound could be added in the customization menu.

The only reason I hate this is because I saw an immediate need by weebs to make moaning the engine sound.

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Well, there could be the option to block sounds, just like with models. But that’s if it gets straight up workshop support, I was thinking more along the lines of just having it be sounds the devs pick out.


I have no problem if the devs pick them out, I just don’t want to have to stop every race because we have weeb “trolls” who want to rev the moans, y’know? And, like you said, I wouldn’t mind at all if we got workshop support so we could block sounds. I wonder if they could turn it into an event, though, and bridge the gap by having the community submit sounds they want for adding so the devs don’t have to waste the time developing themselves?


I can’t help but point out that this is what you immediately gravitated to upon hearing the idea for different engine noises for Workshop vehicles.


You realize we are dealing with the internet here, right? The internet can be, well, the internet. This would probably be one of the first things available on the workshop for sounds followed shortly after with an ear rape version.

Maybe other official karts will have unique engine sounds that workshop models can draw from. Custom sounds in general would be really funny, but in the long run probably a terrible idea.

Also this was the first thing that came to mind

It was the first thought I had because it’s inevitably the ear rape I first I hear when doing something as simple as getting into plaza, in addition to the visuals I already don’t want to see.