Alter scale/angle/position of accesories

Just what it says.

This is likely not going to be possible per player because it would be a networking nightmare. I can’t find the specific explanation from the devs, but the gist is everyone would be sending each other their own offsets with the worst case scenario being O(n^2). Basically, EVERYONE sending 63 copies of their offsets, one copy for EVERY other player of the server.

63 copies from player 1 + 63 from player 2 + … + 63 from player 64. You can kinda see how this can get bad quickly.

This isn’t a problem with offsets being done by the Workshop model uploaded, because its just packed into the download for the model & cached afterwards.

This is covered here already also, among other workshop improvements :slight_smile:

For each wearable that has a custom offset, you’d need to network a full transform (Location (3 floats), Rotation (3 floats), Scale (float)), which is packed down when being networked across. You’d also only network it to players who are near you and only once (unless changed again) by storing them until the player leaves the server. So in a standard scenario, you’d only receive offsets at most 20 players at once and other players you’d interact with later would come after that. We’ve learned a lot about networking these types of things so we’ll be tackling more wearable customizations like this in the future. The harder issue would now be the UI editor.


wow, wouldn’t ever think ui would be hard O.o
imagined it mostly like the condo’s gyzmos editor (with just some limitations to numbers)

UI takes a lot of time to get right and be usable by everyone.

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