[Alpha 0.0.2] Tower Unite: Showcase

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i call it The Man of Son


Ahahahahaahahahah XD :laughing:

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What screenshot software/app are you using? Im currently trying to find one.

I added it as a Non-Steam game, and then took them through Steam.

I used ShareX with the game in windowed

How did you add it to Steam? I tried to earlier, but didnt work.

Click ‘Add non steam game to library’, then click ‘browse’ and then locate the .exe file, and click ‘Add selected programs’

Cant get to the .exe file. It thinks I want the whole file and wont work.

Could you give me another tutorial?

I’m pretty sure that’s the only way.

The whole file?
Goto the Add a Non-Steam Game window and hit Browse, then wherever you extracted the game to find that folder in the Add Non-Steam Game window and add “Tower.exe” then hit Add Selected Programs.
That should work and put Tower in your Steam Library, just launch that and you should be able to take screenshots with the normal steam overlay key (F12 unless you rebinded it.)

My condo! I love TU for instance! :smile:

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Ill click the winrar icon and it will select the all the files at once, when I want to enter the files to get Tower.exe . Sorry, im bad with this stuff. For example,I want to do this: addgame> TowerUnite_IndiegogoAlpha0.0.2.> Tower.exe .But it stops at the 2nd file.

You need to extract the files somewhere, you can’t select it when its still inside the zip file.

Oh, thats where I messed up.

Thanks guys for the help, and sorry for the trouble!

You guys notice how flawless it is when placing down items now? theres no delay! :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting some screenies now :smiley: