[Alpha 0.0.2] Tower Unite: Map Exploits

Tower Windows

Flying up to these windows and walking in the corner of them on the tower allows players to glitch inside the tower.

Wall Hole

Where the walls near the Tower are, holes can be found and entered.

Games Roof

You can clip through the roof of the games building.

Casino Roof

This roof is also clipable, allowing you to move throughout all the levels.


You can walk through all rocks. Some rocks even let you clip out of the map, and I even found a cave!

Between Theater and Arcade

There is a gap between these two, allowing for players to fly out of the map.

If you find anymore, please post them in the comments!

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You’re such a griefer. I wouldn’t manage to get any of those exploits without help lol

All you need is a jetpack. I’m in no way a griefer, as these ones were just easy to find :smiley:

I just realized jetpacks are included in this alpha. I’ve been playing only for 5 minutes and I didn’t know, sorry :sweat_smile:

Dats K :slight_smile:

If you go behind the ferris wheel, then walk left along the chains, you can jump over the fence in the corner and walk on some sand for a bit, then you’ll fall out of the map.