Allow usage of AGC on un-official servers

The AGC is centralized and hosted by PixelTail. This leads me to believe the AGC still trusts the client/custom server, which would be very open for exploitation regardless. Why else would the usage of the AGC not be allowed on custom servers?

I see the concern for moderation often on these forums, which would be lessened if said moderation were out of the hands of PixelTail due to these un-official servers, and it could also lower hosting costs if PixelTail servers were cut down to essential locations only.

Other additions:

  • MOTD (HTML5 only, no JavaScript support; for simplicity and security reasons)
    – Used to tell players what the rules of an un-official server are, and other information if provided.

Support for Player Hosted Plaza Servers is being deprecated in favor of Community Condos, which not only will allow your friends to place their items in your condo, but will also allow you to host your condo as a dedicated server.

But the condos arent the plaza.

If I understand correctly from reading this, the Plaza would also be the Condo. If that’s correct, I hope you can use the Plaza maps as the Condo.

The plaza isn’t becoming a condo.

Instead of letting players host Plaza servers, we’re moving to a system where players can host their condo as a dedicated server, allowing the condo to be accessed even if the host isn’t online, and potentially can allow for better performance.

We will continue hosting Plaza servers ourselves. As such, we won’t be allowing unofficial servers to use the AGC, as we don’t support unofficial servers currently and the feature will be removed altogether in the future, in favor of the Community Condos system.

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