Allow the option to let potions be equipped instead of instantly used

Basically, just add the option to “equip” the potion on your hotbar to active it rather than it being active as long as you have it in your hotbar.

No why, just take it out of your hotbar, it’s a genius way it already is. Like your way would add so many extra clicks, with the way it is now it’s just drag and drop, you should appreciate the way it already is.

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I can see it being nice to line up a selection of potions to quickly change your size without going into the menu every time. I think it’d be nice to see this.

For wearables (potions, jetpack), the hot bar is how you equip it. Adding another method to equip the item would become very confusing.

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I was thinking it would be an optional thing to enable in the options menu.

So the “Normal” sized potion is completely pointless? Personally i like the ability to switch between potions by pressing the number it was assigned to. I don’t know what would be so confusing about it when this is the way you have to equip/switch between things like the Potato gun, Confetti gun, throwing knives etc.

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