Allow players to control their zombie


It’d be fun if there was a miniature virus element to ZM, wherein zombified players actually control their zombie and earn bonus points for sabotaging their team, that is until they come back to life.


but wouldn’t this be exploitable?
(the zombie can stand and let team mates shoot him)


Not being able to control yourself while in a zombie state is by design.


What is the major consequence in your mind of having a player control the zombie?


If the players control the zombie then they can run and hide causing the game to just halt, or can intentially die to become a zombie to attack players over and over.

Also, players who are zombies have to have an incentive to attack other players. So if we gave them a bonus for killing other players then players could farm this by letting their friend turn into a zombie, let them attack, then respawn, and so forth endlessly.

Besides those issues, I like the idea that players can’t control the zombie because it makes death a penality as you watch your zombie self attack surviving members.


Yeah I can’t really disagree with that, that makes a lot of sense.

Based on your philosophy around the death penalty, I like that approach, but can’t agree that it feels like a penalty at the moment. Perhaps you could turn the player into a spider or something more threatening? Right now their threat is super negligible in my opinion but it’d be cool to see another zombie type that is somehow more threatening, give the zombie the players starting weapon or something.


It also forces your teammates to revive you… and gives them a reason to not let you run out of lifes.