Allow more $75 and $90 perks on indiegogo

The difference maker and custom gamer perks have accounted for nearly 25% of the total campaign earnings. Those who originally planned on making a large donation will now have to settle with the $60 package since a $200 pledge is out of reach for most. I believe adding another 50 slots on each perk would positively affect the campaign.


I planned to pledge to the $75 perk yesterday, but I wanted to take a shower. There were 49 out of 50 left and guess what got filled as I washed my hair :frowning:

I would be more than willing to donate to the $75 tier. Considering you’re just getting your name inscribed on a wall and not some fancy in-game item or physical reward, it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea!

At the very least, perhaps another in between $60 and $200?

There could be a $100 unlimited quantity perk that gives you some apparel item in Tower Unite. I agree that there needs to be some option between $60 and $200. If there were, it would definitely bring in more money, no question.