Allow inventory menu to be expanded to take up more of the screen

The current inventory filters are nice and all, but for Extreme Condo Decorators™ who hoard almost every type of item, it’s pretty hard to get a quick glimpse of what kind of items you have to choose from.

Additionally, given it’s long length and short height, it feels rather cramped. Its longer size means you have to scan it horizontally to look over every item in the menu, but the lack of any vertical height makes scanning it inefficient; you could easily look over 6-8 rows at a time, but are limited to only 3.

Anyways, as shown in the above images, there should be a button on the inventory menu to expand it to fill up a greater portion (2/3 to 3/4, maybe larger) of the screen. Clicking and dragging an item would minimize the menu, as is currently the case.

I agree with this. I’d love a draggable and resize-able inventory menu like what’s available in games like Planet Coaster. Maybe not a static re-sizable menu as some users might not like the preset sizes available. I think the Inventory already resizes the icon size itself with the UI scale, but ability to resize just the inventory itself with a draggable resize dial would be nice.

Reminds me of the Gmod spawn menu! I always found it easy to work with. This is a great idea.

Resizing is definitely a goal of mine.


Would be nice if it could be draggable too and perhaps have the option to have the old inventory menu style but with the new enhancements.