Allow for some of the objects from the Plaza to be sold in stores

Plant in the museum

Garbage bin in the plaza

Bench in the museum

The old alpha chair

Ceiling light seen in the casino and tower lobby

Floor light in the plaza

Poles in front of the train station

Light from the theater

Cash register

Speaker from the theater

Ceiling light from the side of the tower


Oh man, buyable cash register could give people many more opportunities…

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Museum? What museum??

It’s near the back of the tower lobby

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yes bring old alpha chair back

I’d love those wall lights for my condo. It just would look much better for my mini theater.

It’s not a real museum, it’s just a place where the statues of those that donated alot will be.

Oh no! It looks like I just got the name of the room wrong, apparently it’s actually the Art Exhibit. Thankyou so so much for pointing out my mistake, and any other mistake people point out here on the forums. Man dude, you sure seem to know a lot of stuff, even knowing more than the devs! I praise your knowledge and time to dedicate towards correcting people and giving out false real information as fact! I cannot wait to see your future posts good friendo! Thankyou for your service.


If you’re referring to Heavysteam, he’s right. That is where the backer statues are going. It’s on the trello and it was in the patch notes for the update that added it (forgot which update it was).

But regardless, this guy goes around the forums pointing out things that dont matter, points out the obvious simply to bump threads and necro them, and says things as fact when they really arent. Maybe then you can understand my frustration.

If you’re refering to me i just wanna say that the necro i did was an accidental one because i hadn’t noticed the age of the thread.

No, I totally wasnt referring to you. I was referring to the guy that likes to point out every small mistake, points out the obvious when the thread in question already lists said problem or topic, tries to look smarter than the devs who designed the game themselves, and likes to say things he doesnt actually know of as fact, even when hes proven wrong. Oh wait a second. Thats you.

I try to make my attitude presentable here on the forums, as a regular, and especially considering i dont want to be suspended. But you, you’re making me irrate. Im honestly surprised how you havent had a talking to yet. Seriously, cut this shit out.

I would LOVE this one.

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Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough, but I just went through some of his recent history and didn’t see any of that.

Trust me, if you try to notice it, you’ll see it almost everywhere. Take this entire thread for example.

please stop.
He really would just like you to follow simple forum etiquette, which is don’t act smarter than the admins, don’t point out the obvious simple mistakes (that were just for simplicity), and don’t necro.


but who was flag?

I think it’s you

Okay, this thread has gone way off topic.

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