[All Versions] Hot Tub Light Toggle

For the Hot Tub in Tower Unite, you can turn the light on/off by pressing “E”. However, this is the same button you use to sit down in it, so you cannot sit in the hot tub without turning the light off (since it is on by default). When you leave the hot tub, you press "E", so it turns the light back on.


What you do is, when you sit in it and the light goes off, look up and press E. This way, you’ll get out and the light will stay off. Now press E again on it, you’ll get in and turn the light on, so you can sit in a lit up hot tub.

Maybe they should make it so that press and hold will toggle the lights?


That is like a cheat code to get the light to stay on. I rather just have some sort of fix to be honest.

Or have it as a customization option in the right-click menu, as with other lights in the condo.

Would require more buttons and clicking than other, more simple solutions.

I suggest that hybrid items should have one of their features in the context menu (Q -> select item)

Right now the hot tub is the only item with two functions iirc but there might be more to come