All units gone

Yesterday evening I had around 15 - 16 thousand units. This morning when I logged on, I had exactly 0. I’ve tried relaunching the game and validated the files however this has done nothing. Wish I could add more detail but this is all there is to it.

It might be an issue with steam since you were not online, have you tried logging into a server while it happened?

Are you sure that no other process of Tower is running in the background? If two game instances are running then that causes issues.

Also worth trying to restart Steam if you haven’t.

There are times where the Steam Inventory server(s) might be having issues, if so then the 0 units problem should only be temporary.

I’m having the same problem.

I’ve tried restarting steam and I am sure that I am connected. When I checked task manager, I did see 2 tower unite processes running. The main one (Tower.exe using 12% cpu) and a second Tower.exe using 0% cpu. I closed the second one and relaunched the game, however when the game relaunched it re opened the second process.

Edit: It opens both of these every time I launch the game.

I went on a plaza server and connected perfectly. It was whilst trying to buy paper walls I realised my money was gone.

I’ve just restarted my PC and it still displays as zero. I’ve seen more than just us post about this recently so it’s likely we just need to wait for steam to sort it’s self out.

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Close both of them, I might think it will fix it.

I believe steam has been having issues causing whatever back end TU is using to use units to not work properly

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Steam is having issues.


Is there anything that can be done about this in the future? Like hosting your own servers? Steam’s servers have had issues quite often recently and the fact that it affects the game to the point where it barely works really sucks.

It’s quite sad that Steam has this many issues.

It would be very hard for us to replace what Steam does. It would take a lot work - months.

We have resolved the issue.

Yesterday I played a lot of minigolf, my balance was 0 at this time for the whole time. Has every unit I earned in minigolf that day been lost?

You weren’t connected to the Steam inventory servers, so no. You didn’t get anything.

Damn, that sucks. We should get an in game notification when that happens.