All my money just disappeared in the arcade

I had over 1400 money and I bought 50 tokens in the arcade and played one game walked around the area looking and all of a sudden ALL my money was gone. :frowning:
Hackers perhaps…?! Think I should just refund this game if this is how it is. :frowning:

Which game did you play?

There is no way to transfer units from account to account, it most likely was a bug! Don’t worry though, money is easy to get in game, if you want for an event (say chainsaw deathmatch or target practice) in the plaza or play one of the minigames (I recc Minigolf, it’s more fun than you’d think) You can easily rack back to 1400 and more!

(Tho still report to MacD which game, so prevent this from potentially happening more!)

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