All I want for Xmas is


A WoM jackpot so I can buy the Resort condo :sob::sob:


All i want for Christmas is

For you to start bowling


Keep a jug of water near you, you’ll be there a while lol.


All I want for Christmas is…

A good Fallout game.


The Outer Worlds


All I want for Christmas is

Fortnite to be shut down


All I want for Xmas is…



All i want for Xmas is…

An SSD so i can enjoy TU more


All i want for Xmas is…

is to like uhh know how the do that fancy thing wih the text that you guys are doing


When your typing a reply or a topic, click the gear and click Blur Spoiler. Now type anything in the box it’s created.

sorry that i had to ruin this topic for a tutorial


all i also want for christmas is…

For Jaxon1049 to get what he wants for christmas


thank you for wanting me to get what i want


all i want for xmas is

that fucking sleigh


All i want for christmas,

is my fuckin’ wallet, gaben, pls give it back.


All i want for christmas

Did you expect me to write something serious here?


all i want for christmas is

wait is it too late to do this?