[All Game Worlds suggestion] Game World mutators as tags on server list

With the upcoming Mutators system in the future for all (or most) Game Worlds, we might have an issue where certain people will be wanting to play clean/original versions of Game World modes or only with specific mutators and it might be hard to tell which server has specific mutators if people don’t add lists of mutators to server titles or anything like that - Besides, lists of mutators would just clog up the server titles making them way too long. So, here’s my proposed solution to this potential future issue: Add system that automatically adds tags a Game World server is started with on server browser for Game Worlds. This might already be planned or might have had been suggested before, but regardless, I believe this will help avoid any future confusion for players that want a particular experience.

I’ve always liked the idea of mutators in games, so this should be a fun implementation!

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