Alex's Ideal Home

Howdy there! I’m Alex, the guy who runs that Prizim Podcast gig. I decided to work off and on over the past 2 and a half months renovating my default condo bit by bit! I’m pleased to say that Its about 90% done, and I feel like I can show you guys what I have so far!


First off, The Foyer! I wanted to give this a little bit of an open, roomy air to it, as well as some nice decoration to make it feel like a real home. The Bathroom is incomplete and won’t be shown here initally, though I’ll tack it on later if need be.

Over to the side we have the Garden stairs and a couple of my Prizim Podcast Neon signs. Never hurts to have them since they look so nice. Credit again to my man @The_Bros for makin’ these!


The Living room is a nice little space to just sit around and hang for some media. The Overhead light strings are courtesy of @Oddbolt, and there’s a lot of other workshop items here (Over 70 to be fair) with a good third being ones he uploaded, so kudos to him.

I also have this nice piano, but all it can play are The Blues. (I’m not sorry.)


The Trophy Shelf, where I keep my trophies. I also have some more vintage items on the two adjoined shelves like the Occuli trilogy and some classic GMT toys.

The dining room portion is directly across and in front of the fireplace, which I encased in some nice stonework. Perfect for enjoying good warm meals in the wintertime.

The Kitchen itself is pretty straightforward. The Glass Rack is a custom bit of my own doing and took a while, but the look is well worth it.

Here I have my Pantry, which doesn’t have much for now unless I could find more food items.

Over to the side I have a washer and dryer just to wash all of the one outfit I wear.


Here’s one of my crowning jewels! The Garden Loft was designed to make use of the open space leading up to the retractable glass roof to provide what I felt was a very nice, ample way to make use of that feature.

Going into the room, we have a nice assortment of plants on a small footshelf beside the window, as well as a couple larger plants under the staircase.

Some more plants on the higher shelf, as well as some of the nice planters that hang and sit above the whole loft!


A nice selection of hanging plants greets you as you make your way up to the roof where the Bar and Patio sit!

The Bar itself is a nice addition I made to really enjoy a party with friends or drown my eternal sorrows in alcohol! Its quite nice to be able to sit around the fire pit and enjoy some wine.

Over to the Right of the Bar is the patio! Enjoy the sunset and open sea breeze with friends as you nurse your raging hangover from your time at the rooftop bar!


My personal bedroom was my personal interpretation on modern designs coupled with a nice blue theme. The Spare bedroom for my girlfriend is currently WIP, so you won’t see that one yet!


The side garden and pool were designed with open air and relaxation in mind, with a sheltered media screen included for blasting away smooth jazz as you float in the pool.


Coming up these stairs and taking the walkway around…

You find the Secondary beach hut! Once a grouping tool is established, I’ll be building more of these around the condo in order to have a nice little community condo put together for a few friends.

The Interior is pretty nice, though I just gave it some basic furnishing for the purpose of making a more modular design.

All and all, that’s pretty much everything! Feel free to swing by sometime!


I did not make those overhead light strings.

To follow up, the only thing I have posted on my workshop is a crappy polygon deer, that has since been privated.

i think you meant @Oddbolt

Oh yeah durrr

Damn tag was wrong and i didnt even notice.

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Awesome work! :pray:

giving people yet another cool place to visit in tu

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I can’t figure out how you created the stairs? I’ve been searching the workshop for “stairs”, “staircase”, “step” and can’t find anything. Did you create and place each piece perfectly to form them?

I keep returning to look at your condo pictures, it’s so lovely!

I think the stairs are made of a wooden bench item sold at Sweet Suite

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