Alcohol Tolerance

A setting that changes your alcohol tolerance.

It would basically control how many drinks you need to get drunk.

You want to get really drunk without wasting a ton of beer? Set it to low.

Don’t like the effects of being drunk? Set it to high and you never have to see it again.

Nah, I wouldn’t like this. Feels like you can be cheap and not spend units on items (the only thing they exist for) and you can cheat games like the drinking minigame.


ouch, bot randomly flagged you instantly, must have found a word in there it didn’t like

and yeah i agree kind of, plus it being a setting you can change feels weird to me

Yeah, I don’t know why it was flagged. Was it because I mentioned drinking? Or cheating? Who knows.

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I do however wish to be able to drink so much my character dies or passes out.
I also want an achievement attached to that :^)