After Kickstarter Survey Results

Hey everyone, we’ve gone ahead and closed the original “After Kickstarter” survey. This was the survey that we released on May 10th that focused on postmortem questions about the Kickstarter campaign.

We had 1736 responses! That’s crazy!

To be completely transparent with the community, I’ve decided to post a summary of all the anonymous responses (minus the comments).

As always, thank you all for your feedback and support!


Ah, nice to see that haha.

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It must be morallizing for the team to see these great results. Doing a great job gets rewarded!

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It was like a rollercoaster. It was demoralizing that the Kickstarter failed, but the survey results and comments quickly brought us back on our feet.

I’m sorry I didn’t donate. I’ve got $15 ready for when the indiegogo comes up so I’m ready to redeem myself. Also please don’t get demoralized. We still love you and the amount of hard work and passion you put into this project is inspiring.

Also you might want have gameplay of Unite rather than a trailer as its one of those games thats immensely difficult to place in a specific genre. Even when I told my friend about gmtower I was like “uhh its like sims mixed with animal crossing mixed with gmod.”

Good luck on the new campaign :smiley:

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Thanks a bunch. Yeah the trailer, and the main reason it’s taking us longer for the new campaign is because we are developing the gameplay further. That way the trailer will better explain the game.

We are still super excited about the project so we are hopeful it will all work out in the end.

It’s shocking for me to see the negative impact upon the Patreon suggestion, as it doesn’t have a time limit, unlike IndieGogo.

If it won’t be possible with Patreon either, let’s hope IndieGogo will really do the job.

I think less people understand how Patreon works. But also I noticed that we would have to make constant updates for us to be successful on that platform. Also we would be one of the first video games on it. I think after we release it could be viable if things got rough.

Not exactly…

In Patreon, you back monthly, not just once, as far as I know. And there is no time limit.

Right, but that would imply patrons getting content every month tailored to them, if I’m not mistaken?

Also @butilka4 what game?

Here is one, I’ll spoiler due to content but theres quite a few more.

I’m one of those sceptics with the Patreon campaign. I don’t have a regular income, and it would be hard for me to donate monthly a specified amount without a time limit. However, backing once in IndieGogo with $20-30 wouldn’t be a problem

Interesting. When I researched into Patreon I did not see video games. However isn’t that just one developer? We would be asking to fund 8 developers. We would need quite a bit of funding to survive on that until we release. That’s why IndieGogo works better for us as we would know exactly our funding for development.

I’m in favor of IndieGogo for the same reasons @serjunpe is, I also do not have a regular income and donating as I come into excess funds would be a better option for me than monthly.
That being said all of the video games I’ve seen on Patreon have been rather small funding with only 3 developers max. Usually a combination of a coder, a writer, and an artist.

If I post it, @macdguy , I’ll probably get banned. :>

Its that furry ero game “TITS”, “CoC”, or “FoE” isn’t it…
I see a lot of people into those but never got into that kinda thing myself.

Actually… No - trust me, it is a 3D video game That is sort of that. People have sent me link towards it - it is a thing.

This conversation sounds now creepily creepy