AFK Exploit On Slot Machines

Hi, one thing I noticed is that the slot machines in casino don’t prompt up the “press x key” message unless you pull the lever. In addition to that, the afk message pops up if you don’t press any buttons at all. So if people have to leave or go to sleep, what’s stopping them from just using an auto clicker to click a button constantly to prevent them from getting AFK kicked out of the machine, and also not pulling the lever so the “press x key” message doesn’t appear too? They can stay on the machine for however much time they want. So, why not make the “press x key” message pop up even if the person isn’t pulling the lever in the slot machine?

The afk check does pop up even if you don’t pull the level. It’s every 15 minutes iirc

Well based on my experience, I was sitting on a machine for over 15 minutes and I wondered why the afk message wasn’t popping up. So I pressed space to pull the lever, the message then immediately showed up. I think the message appears when the machine is in work…

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did you have your game alt tabbed/minimized?

No it was full screen. Also, I’ve seen guys on machines before where they’re not pressing anything at all, and not having the AFK bubble above their heads too. My guess is that they were all using this exploit.

there’s an actual exploit that isn’t what you posted that I reported before, but I don’t want to say how to do it on the forums

edit: also what machine are you on

On the Triple Diamonds machine… If I have time I can try to record a video of this exploit.

The afk check pops up every 15 minutes no matter what you’re doing on the machine. How much testing have you put into this? I have a few hundred hours in the casino and it’s always done this

There are two AFK checks. The anti-macro which is the key press one and the actual AFK check.


I PM’d you my recording of the exploit please check it out.

I changed the subject to bug report.