First off, I’ll probably post about 500 things here… sorry in advance.

I think a good way to do some advertising would be like have codes for an item or something ingame on cards or what not and try and get them in Lootcrates to yanno hype up the game and get some more advertising … Maby it’s a thing not sure how they operate it.

Best way to advertise is through the community! Tell your friends about Tower Unite and it will surely help a lot :slight_smile:

Lootcrates would be a great idea, but I don’t think Pixeltail has the funds to achieve that!

“through the community” you mean what we had on the kick starter? The funds really from what I could thing of would need to be a specific amount if we got a number on how many of these would need to be sent to loot crate to ship them in the crates. I believe the crates go out the first of every month? so it would help seeing as that’s 6 days away.

If the loot crate goes out in 6 days I’m sure it’s already complete and ready to ship, best thing to hope for would to be in the next loot crate. But still, I doubt that realistic