Advanced NPC System

I understand we have NPCs already, but I feel as though they’re a bit neglected. They are very static and many people in my condos have complained they feel very fake and uncanny. So I’ve basically stopped using them 99% of the time.

So I personally propose a more in-depth NPC system. This would be great for a lot of RPG styled condos, or to just add a bit of life. Instead of them being glorified notebooks I have a few suggestions on how they could be improved:

  • Pathfinding (either AI/random [preferably with a set range] or manual set path)
  • IO events with player/npc interactions (i.e. talk to npc → event triggered, npc walks a certain distance → event triggered, npc reached a point → event triggered, etc.)
  • NPC can interact with things like players (can press buttons, use items, basically give them player-like behaviors)
  • Advanced dialogue trees (branching paths, etc.)

I know that other players could pretty much do the same effect. But I feel like this would add life to those who play in small groups, and would especially be cool in singleplayer or RPG maps. Also would fit right in with the larger condos such as the resort or underwater, where even 10 or so players is a really small amount.

i believe a good amount of this will be possible eventually with condo i/o!



Oh nice!


Yea, I’d especially love more advanced dialogue trees and manually placed paths. Just those two things would add SO much to them. Imagine, supplying your condo with talking and moving staff to work bars and such! And you could really make it seem like you’re having conversations!

I’m planning on making a hangout condo on Highrise and I’d love to make it seem bustling without having to have a bunch of people in it constantly, especially since I like to just have one or two friends over the vast majority of the time.

I completely agree with this suggestion.

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