Adjustments to the mouse sensitivity slider (Vertical sensitivity and decimal values)

Obviously not a big issue and should be very low priority considering this is just a party game and not a serious PVP game but it certainly would be a welcome QoL. I think the sensitivity sliders need some adjustments, namely a) a separate vertical sensitivity slider and b) allowing players to put in decimal values (more precise sensitivity values.)

Reasoning for a):
Right now, the mouse sensitivty seems to be a little slower vertically. I’m quite sure it’s related to the UE since I’ve noticed it with many Unreal games. It would be great if players were able to put separate values for horizontal and vertical sensitivty to better suit their needs and preferences, as some might prefer it faster and some slower.

Reasoning for b):
Right now, as far as I can tell, the game only accepts full numbers for sensitivity values in the main menu. This can be a problem for people who would like to use something inbetween, for example when they find 10 sensitivity to be a bit too fast and 9 a bit too slow. From what I’ve seen you can sorta achieve this by .cfg tweaks, but I don’t think such a feature should be something you need to edit configuration files for. I think allowing 1 or 2 numbers after the decimal point should do the trick.