Adjust Melee weapon Hit boxes

Seeing as there is no form of aim assist at all that I’m aware of, it makes hitting with melee weapons requires you to be almost too precise when aiming. For example when I’m using the ninja sword I swing like a mad man and I feel that I only hit 1/3 of my strikes on enemies who are slight to the left or right of the cross hair. I’ll be damn near inside of them and still won’t be hitting them.

So unless this is a me issue, or maybe it’s a low damage output problem? I feel that some of the hit boxes can get extended forward a little more and also widened.

I agree, I don’t enjoy melee at all except for the lightsaber and that’s just cause I can throw it.

The melee definitely needs a huge rework, they’re sadly very unsatisfying. I’d also appreciate if some of the weapons have different wind-ups before their hitboxes become active - It’s basically the instant you click, and sometimes before the viewmodel weapon even swings ( you can test this yourself by swinging at a wall and seeing just how fast those particles happen). A lot of these melees just feel like I’m flailing my arms and praying, even when I aim well.

Would be happy to see this game take notes from other faster FPS games with satisfying melee, for example TF2 with its punchy windups and swings.

I’m sure if two people weren’t moving around a bunch it would all seem copacetic, but when it’s 4 people running and jumping in circles and no ones dying for long periods of time… it’s pretty unsatisfying.

Melee prediction is currently in development. Rob’s been hard at work on a proper melee/capsule based collision test for both melee and the alt fire for Sonic Shotgun.

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It feels like the melee hits more consistently if you don’t spam it, click it when you know you’re gonna hit and it seems to be almost ok.