Adding Scratch off tickets.. or something like the powerball

would be cool to add ticket machines and buy different scratch off tickets for a big lottery in game.

That… or like a power ball where its weekly and you choose numbers and a certain day of the week you find out the numbers… something more than just slot machines.

:-1: this isn’t gameplay and would not contribute more fun or interest to the game imo

We already have keno and spin to win which (IMO) would amount to powerball and scratch offs but daily/weekly/monthly lotteries would be cool and probably wouldn’t require too much effort.

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Scratch-off tickets sound like a fun thing to find whilst fishing, too.

In terms of the lotto/big drawings… I don’t hate the idea of it being weekly, with a regular schedule like “we announce the winning numbers on Friday and the next lottery starts Saturday morning” or something, and with variable jackpots based on how many people enter.


maybe weekly all across tower unite , draw 1x week
you buy a ticket in a server lobby and it counts even if you are in other lobby