Adding Betting to Billiards?

(Heads up, I was unsure of what suggestions category to put this under, so I just put it under the Casino since I feel like my suggestion would fit there.)

I don’t think adding betting to billiards would really make any sense to have as a feature in the nightclub or in the arcade (when it comes out), so what if Billiards were additionally added in the casino (maybe with a fresh look that looks similar to the casino’s aesthetics) that allowed you to bet units on games? It would be really fun to play some high stakes billiards games, especially because the high stakes games that are in the casino I don’t entirely enjoy, plus adding betting to billiards in the casino could allow for people who want to place high bets on games the ability to do so if they don’t understand games like Texas Holdem.

I think this exact thing is planned, betting was on the trello card for billiards for a bit before being removed and iirc a dev said that a casino version with betting was planned for the future around when the nightclub released

edit: found it


Oh nice to hear!