Adding a option to join dedicated servers

Hey there! I’d like to throw in a suggestion for the server browser. While i’m aware the dedicated server is no longer supported officially where you can join whichever server you want. Please consider bringing back the “custom server” button at least for people who still want to host their dedicated servers and having local units, while not syncing to the official servers. Same with items and what not. I’m also aware the casino and related are disabled, and that’s understandable where the server owner could potentially exploit that and rig the system. Same with local units, maybe a local casino as well?. As according to the Trello you guys are all backed up on stuff, I’d just like to throw in this so hopefully it gets recognized. Maybe also include it in advanced settings as a opt in option then. Otherwise, at least I tried.
Thanks for listening,

dedicated plaza servers are planned to be removed once community condos (which includes dedicated server support for condos) releases, which is why they dont appear in the server list now


well, i hope to host my own condo server then, still with the plaza in the background, and if we could host some minigames as well, that’d be good :sunglasses:. RIP Dedicated Plaza servers :frowning:
Thank ya for the solution, seems like that’s the official answer.

Yep, that is official. Devs have been talking about it for awhile. It’s just condos, though. No plaza or gameworlds

Yeah, i’ve seen it before previously. I guess i over analyzed it, perhaps one day they’ll consider adding plaza/gameworld hosting, maybe the latter rather then the former. As i’ve heard that they’ll only do plaza hosting if they could no longer sustain the official servers anymore. Which makes sense

Why would they add back something that they had for years and then choose to discontinue. Won’t happen. Dedicated gameworld hosting would be pretty cool though

A man can dream, you are right about them just scrapping it all together, as there were problems with self hosting lobbies. Man, i wish i could of been back then where it was still there and experienced that. :confused: Anyway, yeah. I thought it would be neat to still have legacy support of dedicated lobby servers, just have local unit currency with no syncing, as others have suggested in the past but I doubt that’ll change their minds. Thank you for the input/feedback, both of you. I think self hosted Condos are going to be interesting to say the least.

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