Add volunteers to OTDB to verify pending questions

There is currently a growing 2k+ backlog of questions, and verifying the contents of each trivia question is bound to be time-consuming. To get through them quicker and in a timely fashion, there should be a few volunteers from the user-base that can confirm or vote to confirm pending questions.

For choosing who could verify questions, the devs could simply select trusted users, or perhaps it could be the last milestone reward of Trivia? Or a mix of the two, even.

<_< I won’t verify questions from users, cuz I made my pending questions already.

It might even be safe to go as far as to have the verification completely public. If a lot of people say a question is right, and it has a good ratio (of people who said so), it’d be verified. If it’s disputed, it’d be passed onto the devs. This is how Google does a lot of it’s verification of translations/image search results (see “Crowdsource” app).
Google also measures how accurate you are and if it’s obvious you’re trolling or just trying to mess with the system it blocks you, so this could be good to implement alongside a crowdsourced system.

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Dude, I love Crowdsource. This is an excellent idea.

That sounds a lot like what Valve does with CSGO Overwatch…

Should include a vote system to change the question though, mainly to fix typos.