Add the ability to buy and sell "interior designs" for rooms or condos

I enjoy customizing my condo, but I don’t always want to do all of the work, especially on some of the bigger ones with many rooms. I would love it if other people (and myself) could set up a room with textures, objects, etc, and then offer it for sale in-game as an “interior design” template for that room or condo. Someone buying the design template would have to buy all the objects contained within it at regular price, plus pay a fee to the designer, all in Units. This essentially creates a new minigame of designing and selling room layouts, the “Interior Designer” minigame! This would really help with setting up large condos, and would also give a nice intermediate-value item to save up for, between the cost of individual furniture pieces and whole condos.

Maybe not selling, but posting interior designs sounds cool.

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One of my long term plans is the ability to group items together and upload them as a template on workshop.


Could always use the “ghost items” feature that got removed for the toilets and ovens in the regular condo